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*celebrates update*

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sometimes I make things like these

He has plenty

Hey, guys!

I just noticed that I recently gained A LOT of followers and you all reblogged and liked a lot of my pictures and I just want to THANK YOU all for that! You’re awesome and I’m glad that you enjoy my pictures, it really means so so much to me! ;w;

Stay as cool as you are! I hope I’ll find the time to post something new soon! 

quick motivational Denmark because I know a lot of people are facing hard times and everyone deserves to be cheered on! / °w°/

I just can’t stop

yeah ok but let’s talk real quick, I think that Paige would be super strong??
If she’s got enough strength to ram a pencil in someone’s chest, the girl’s gotta be strong like a bear.

Pssst. Pssssssst. What if clock started running slow and telling the wrong time, and notepad offering to wind him backup again. But he finds it arousing when she does so so he keeps telling the wrong time on purpose every now and then to get her to do it again.

Pfffffff, someone should write a fanfiction about this!!! :’D

hey i thought the same thing about notepad and clock being like "careless gods"!! c: Like Notepad being the"creator"and like creating the universe they live in and Clock being like a"father time"kinda figure.I thought no one else thought so as well!

Yes, it’s one of my favourite headcanons! :D
When given the status of ‘gods’ they gain the power of immortality in a way and it explains why their actions are incomprehensible and unexpected.

And them being careless and abusing their powers makes them even more scary! ;w;

I’m currently reeaally obsessed with dhmis, and I know I haven’t posted anything else in a while, but I  promise  I’ll soon go back to drawing the usual stuff! 

So please bear with me for a little while longer uwu

I saw a headcanon floating around about these two being ‘careless gods’ messing with the puppets in their universe and this is clearly my favourite theory about their existence.