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Ahh okay I just needed a name I do enjoy the songs already so ill Look into the manga and anime laterr

Alright! I might need to add that the manga is not called Mekaku City Actors, but Kagerou Days. Sorry for missing that point earlier!
Have fun~!

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What anime is this

Oh, the anime is called Mekaku City Actors! But the anime is not the main thing.

The story consists of many different kinds of media! There’s light novels, songs and a manga besides the anime.
Personally, I think the songs and the manga are the most suited to look into for beginners, since the songs are very enjoyable and the manga is a good way to get a quick grasp on the concept~!

But the story in its full capacity is just amazing! If you really want to get into it, the novels are excellent! It can be a bit troublesome to find all of the translations online, but in February (if I remember correctly) English versions will officially be released!

Sorry if this got a little long, I guess I started rambling.
But it’s really worth checking out! x)

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tigerman9001Your favorite character in a maid outfit that’s 3 sizes smaller than what is recommended for them ovo

Would you believe that in all my years of drawing this is the first time I’ve drawn a fictional character in a maid dress?

Kano probably took posing lessons from Kido for this one pfff

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Your favorite character in a maid outfit that’s 3 sizes smaller than what is recommended for them ovo

I…guess that could work :O

haven’t drawn anything in a while, but what to draw, what to draw~?

More sketches~ =3=

Seto and Kido showing their little brother what it’s like to be tall because teaming up against Kano is fun ;P

Felt like drawing these three dorks and thought this was a cute idea idk 

Would you ever draw Poland? Because he is fabulous like that


Here you go, friend~*

-No longer taking colour palette requests-

Phew, those were really hard to do. Guess I have to practice my colour work a little more! °v°~*

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