A design that’s been in my head for a while. She’s a singer and I named her Viola for completely inexplicable and creative reasons.



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reblog from my main blog because DAMN AM I PROUD x)

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In an attempt to practice drawing the Dan members, I made these! ;D

I was gonna add Hibiya and Hiyori too but I grew tired of it ;v;

Updated my About page and FAQ!

It was really just a matter of time until I caved in and drew little Marry.
That cutie patootie =3=

Some really lame fanart because what else can I draw but a completely unoriginal headshot.

You know that thing where a friend and you make OCs without telling each other about them, and then you’re supposed to ship them or something?

Yeah, guess what me and weemina did ;D
This is my part! Maybe I’ll sketch something with both our characters soon! =v=

like hell you dont have any idea of proportions, i really love your new pic!

Thanks man! Some things are a little wonky but all in all I like it too! >v>

Let it go
Let it go
Don’t need this shit anymore

Guess who’ll never have maths again

Such a historical moment needs to be captured in a picture

Well shit. Drew something to calm myself before the big exam ,_,
Don’t even ask me what anatomy and proportions are because apparently I have no clue about them.