aph iceland in #10? if you're bored or something

These colours remind me of pepsi

I’ll start the colour scheme things now, so excited I got some!
Those palletes sure are a challenge! >3<

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Another personified organ doodle~
This one’s the heart! By far the cutest design in my opinion.

…so I hope you can love tomorrow…


Draw embarrassing things about OTP? Hell yeah.

I’m spotting a pattern in my dress designs huh

After hours of not figuring out a colour scheme I like, I leave you with just the shadows =A=

A while ago (months??) weemina and I were on a train ride and designed human versions of our internal organs!
This one’s the liver. She makes sure  you don’t die.

We made the brain, lungs and heart, too. Hope I’ll draw them out soon =v=

A design that’s been in my head for a while. She’s a singer and I named her Viola for completely inexplicable and creative reasons.



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