Seto and Kido showing their little brother what it’s like to be tall because teaming up against Kano is fun ;P

Felt like drawing these three dorks and thought this was a cute idea idk 

Would you ever draw Poland? Because he is fabulous like that


Here you go, friend~*

-No longer taking colour palette requests-

Phew, those were really hard to do. Guess I have to practice my colour work a little more! °v°~*

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Hey I saw you were doing the color palette requests. I hope I'm not too late, but could you possibly do aph Denmark in #13?

Comin’ right up~!

Norway in colour 11 maybe?


I apologize for this abomination of a picture ;-;

I tried to make it look softer but it just turned out messy.


aph iceland in #10? if you're bored or something

These colours remind me of pepsi

I’ll start the colour scheme things now, so excited I got some!
Those palletes sure are a challenge! >3<

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Another personified organ doodle~
This one’s the heart! By far the cutest design in my opinion.